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What if we could help children prepare for the future? What if we can impact them with our actions to be able to learn better and ultimately succeed in life? Many have thought about this possibility in the past but only recently have modern science been able to reveal that we can actually achieve this. 90% of all childhood brain development occurs before the age of five years and their experience during this period will have a lifelong impact. We can take advantage of this new information to help children to nurture their physiological and cognitive development. Lack of knowledge has hindered our understanding but now we know that foundational education is a priority. This book offers insights for parents and preschool teachers on: •Understanding child brain development •Harnessing the power of purposeful play •How different experience affect children's brain structure •Learning various proven strategies to teach children including storytelling, games, visualization and more •Tips on building retentive memory

Children need our help to be able to cope with the future environment which will be very different from ours as technology continues to change the way we live and interact. We can use these powerful new discoveries about children's brain development to effectively shape the mind of future generations. Nurturing future world changers will help both early educators and parents to create an engaging learning experience to foster a child’s positive brain development while sowing the seed for an enriching love of learning.

Nurturing Future World Changers: Fundamentals of Brain Development

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    • Book Type  : Education
    • Language ‏ : ‎ English
    • Paperback ‏ : ‎ 40 pages
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