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About Your Instructor

Mrs. Vance-Clark is a master's teacher and administrator of education, a reading specialist, a published author, and a leader in curriculum design and instruction. Mrs. Vance-Clark is a founding member of the National Children Reading Foundation of Greater Chicago.

Wanikka received her M.A in School Leadership and Administration and her B.A in Elementary Education. Mrs. Vance-Clark is a two time apple teacher nominee. She has made history by being one of the first to ever receive the University of Mississippi Practitioner of Distinction award. As well as being the first to receive the Park Forest's Oscar for Excellence in Education. Mrs. Vance-Clark has been named as "Who's Who Among American Teachers." She was the recipient of the Black Women Rock Award. She has had the honor of being selected to be a presenter at the IL ASCD Preschool and Kindergarten Conference, Depaul University Black Mentors Rock conference, the National Black Child Development Institute’s Annual Conference, and the Education and Development Conference in Thailand.

Master Educator

Wanikka Vance-Clark, M.Ed

Mrs Vance-Clark is also a founding board member of the National Children’s Reading Foundation of Greater Chicago. Due to all of her hard work and dedication the state of Illinois recently awarded her a proclamation (April 21 – Learn as You Play Day). Mrs. Vance-Clark believes that every child deserves to be given a strong educational foundation. This foundation begins with basic reading Fundamentals, parent involvement, and an excitement for learning. Mrs. Vance-Clark prides herself in teaching and administrating to a higher standard. She believes in proficiency and excellence.


  • Epitome of Academic Excellence

  • Master Educator

  • Educational Mogul

  • Early Childhood Guru

  • Published Author

  • Who’s who Among American Teachers

  • Practitioner of Distinction

  • Excellence in Education

  • Black Women who Rock 3 time

  • Apple Teacher Nominee

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