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Learning Objectives:

With the aid of this program, children will surely gain knowledge and know more about:


The scholar will discover the magic of positive affirmations, speaking greatness into their life daily.


We're here to nurture good manners that stick, making politeness a superpower!


Your scholar will learn the art of quickly identifying and reading words when they appear.


Boosting self-confidence is our mission, helping scholars realize they can achieve anything they set their minds to.


Advancement Learning cares about your child's health. That's why we've included several fun, healthy culinary arts activities in our program.


The scholar will learn to blend letter sounds when sounding out new words.


The scholar will be able to fluently read short sentences, passages, and books while completely comprehending what they have read.

Choose the Best Program for Your Child


Unlocking the Magic of Reading:
A 26-Day Adventure

Perfect for Busy Parents

✔️ 26 Days Reading Course

✔️ Ebook Bundle

✔️ Essential Sight Words

✔️ Simple, Effective Strategies

✔️ Affordable & Accessible

✔️ Quick Results

✔️ A Smart Investment in Education

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💲 Offer Price: $97 only

Help your child read toady!


The Explorational Journey:
26-Day Program

Comprehensive Program

✔️ Premium 26 Days Reading Course

✔️ Books and Learning Materials

✔️ Sight Word Wizardry

✔️  In-depth Daily Lesson Plans

✔️ Phonics Mastery

✔️ Affirmation Power

✔️ Transform Your Child's Future!

✨ Prepare your child for a lifetime of reading success with our premium 26-day program.

💲 Offer Price: $997 only

Act now and seize this opportunity!

Pss... want to know more about our premium course?

Here's a sneak peek into what your child will be learning:

Curriculum: The Explorational Journey

Welcome, parents and scholars! I'm Mrs. Vance-Clark, your super teacher. Together, we'll embark on a thrilling journey of learning and growth. 🌟

The Explorational Journey boot camp has the power to transform non-readers into super readers in no time! Best of luck on this exciting journey!

Program Highlights:

📖 Daily Lessons: Dive into 26 days of immersive learning, starting with the basics and progressing to advanced skills.

🧠 Daily Quizzes: Test your knowledge and have fun with our interactive quiz games.

🎥 Daily Videos: Explore enriching videos that make learning engaging and enjoyable.

📝 Assessments: Track your progress with various assessments, ensuring that you're on the right path.

1. Welcome 👋🏼

  • Welcome- Box introduction

  • Online Community

3. Daily Fun Quizzes 🧠

  • Complete Daily Quiz Game: Reinforce your daily learning with interactive quizzes.

4. Engaging Videos 🎥

  • Did You Know: Discover fascinating facts.

  • Affirmation Video: Boost your confidence with daily affirmations.

  • Sight Words and Gestures Video: Master essential sight words.

  • Letter Sound Video: Perfect your letter sound recognition.

  • Character Alphabet: Meet engaging characters for each letter.

2. Sample Daily Super Lessons 📖

  • Day 1 (Marvelous Mm): Explore the magic of the letter M!

  • Day 2 (Powerful Pp): Dive into the world of Pp words!

  • Day 3 (Terrific Tt): Discover the wonders of Tt!

  • And so on, all the way to Day 26 (Zz). Each day is a new adventure.

5. Assessments 📝

  • Alphabet Lower to Upper: Test your knowledge of lowercase and uppercase letters.

  • Alphabet Upper to Lower: Practice reversing your letter recognition.

  • Beginning Sounds: Identify the starting sounds of words.

  • Same Sound Match: Enhance your sound recognition skills.

This comprehensive curriculum ensures that your child gains the skills and confidence needed to become a proficient reader. 📖✨

26 Days to Super Reading!
The Explorational Journey

💲 Offer Price: $997

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